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Everything about Arduino

What is Arduino?

Arduino is the worldwide leader when it comes to open-source hardware & software. The company offers a range of software tools, hardware platforms and documentation. Arduino is the ideal tool for getting to know technology, interactive art, IoT and more. Unlike other programming languages, Arduino is easy to learn. Thanks to the many available manuals, you will be introduced as a beginner. Everyone starts with the "Blink" project. Here you let an LED light flash. But before you know it, you will be able to convert information from sensors into data or actions. Take a driving independently robot. You place a sensor that detects objects, as soon as there is an object, the Arduino knows what to do with it. Depending on the code, the robot will turn around or drive around the object. This is just one of the many possibilities with Arduino. There are numerous projects online that you can copy. Or become an inventor and come up with your own project!

Official Arduino reseller

Official Arduino Reseller

Electronics For You is an “Official Arduino Reseller”. We sell real Arduino boards made in Italy. You will not find cheap Chinese clones with us. Do you have questions about Arduino products? Then take Contact talk to one of our experts!

Arduino projects

Do you want to make an Arduino project, but have no idea how? We have some nice example projects ready. These projects explain step by step what to do. You can get started right away! Sample projects are available for beginners and advanced.
Click below and find a nice Arduino project. 

News about Arduino

Do you want to stay informed of all developments around Arduino? 
Then our Arduino news page is for you. Here you will find updates on boards, software, the company itself, projects and much more. Are you a real Arduino fan or do you want to discover more about Arduino? G
a now to the page and discover the latest news!

Most popular Arduino products

The Arduino range continues to expand. Every board is different. This is great since you can choose the most suitable board for your project. The Arduino Uno is by far the most popular board. Almost everyone who starts with Arduino will start with the Uno. After a while, you may want to create much larger projects. You will then probably upgrade to an Arduino Mega. Do you want to make a very small project where there is no room for a large board? Then a Nano is a much better choice. Are you planning to use the Arduino boards for business? Then the MKR series may be better suited. If you are going to start with Arduino, we recommend a starter kit. A starter kit contains everything you need to start. Starter kits usually come with an Arduino Uno. 

Arduino for beginners

Do you want to learn to work with Arduino? Then the starter guide is perfect for you!
In this guide, we introduce you to the different types of hardware. Such as Jumper wires, LED lights, motors, sensors and much more.
But also the software (Arduino IDE) is discussed. You learn to code step by step. Before you know it, you are already making super cool projects!
Take a quick look at the starter guide!

FAQ Arduino

The Arduino platform is very extensive. There are a lot of functions. You must know about their existence before you can use it.
Are you running into something? Check out our Arduino FAQ page. 
Here are answers to frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Arduino Categories

Arduino boards

Arduino has a growing selection of boards. The best known is the Arduino Uno. There are boards suitable for beginners, advanced and professional use. View our range of Arduino boards and choose the board that suits you.

Arduino kits

The Arduino Starter Kits are the perfect solution to get started with the Arduino Platform. Most kits come with a manual or some projects, and everything to get started right away. View the different options and choose the kit that suits you.

Arduino shields

Shields are printed circuit boards that you can place on your Arduino to provide it with extra functionality. These circuit boards make it possible, for example, to connect the Arduino to the internet and to post on social media. View all Arduino Shields.

Arduino accessories

Protect your Arduino against bumps, dirt and dust with a housing. This makes the components last longer. Our housings are available in different colors. View the housings and other Arduino accessories.

Arduino in the classroom?

More about Arduino


Which Arduino boards are there and what can you do with them?

Arduino has released all kinds of different boards over the years. But which is best for your project? What functions does this specific Arduino have? And what are the differences? For answers to these questions we would like to refer you to our information page. This information page explains what each Arduino is and what you can do with it. The new Arduino Nano is also highlighted on this page.

Original Arduino vs Clone

If you have already looked around on the internet, you may have noticed. You see an Arduino online and then you see the same Arduino for half the price. How is that possible?
If you find an Arduino with a very low price, there is a good chance that it is a fake. But how else can you see it? Do you want to know how to distinguish an original Arduino from a clone? Then view our information page. Here the differences between the original and the clone are clearly explained.
It is useful if you know how to make this distinction. Buying unofficial products is a criminal offense, you can be fined for this.

A new Nano family!

The new Nano is a small, powerful and affordable solution for everyday projects. The new Boards are compatible with the classic Arduino Boards. All new Nano Boards have low energy consumption. They are also equipped with powerful processors. Arduino has managed to maintain quality and reliability. The family consists of 4 different boards.

  • Arduino Nano Every. perfect for everyday projects.
  • Arduino Nano 33 IoT. small, safe & connected to the internet.
  • Arduino Nano 33 BLE. small, low energy consumption & connectable via Bluetooth.
  • Arduino Nano BLE Sense. small, low energy consumption, can be connected via Bluetooth & integrated with a wide range of sensors.


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