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Electronics for education and teaching


Electronics for You often collaborate with educational institutions. As a supplier of educational electronics and support for setting up a teaching package or classroom. By entering into a dialogue, we can respond to your educational needs on both a small and large scale.


Microcontrollers for Education

Most educational institutions that want to start electronics in education start using the programmable mini computers such as: Arduino, BBC Micro-Bit and Raspberry Pi. These microcontrollers are extremely suitable for use in education. Children can learn that computers and electronics are directly connected to each other, for example by controlling an LED or a motor. It can range from simple (blinking an LED) to advanced (making a robot that drives autonomously).


3D printing in education

Electronics for You is a supplier of a wide range of 3D printers. Because of our experience with these machines, we always have the right machine for use in education.
3D printing is a nice way to generate interest in the technology. Students can make things themselves that they have designed or found on the internet. It is literally converting something digital into a tangible object.

For technical and creative courses, there are many more options for use in education. Students can produce their designs cheaply, so that there is an extra educational moment. For use in technology, 3D printing is now the standard for the prototyping process. Give your students a head start by gaining experience with various 3D printing techniques.

Curious about what we can do for your educational institution? Please contact us.

Custom student kits

There are many ready-made starter kits for Arduino & Raspberry Pi available. We go one step further with our Custom student kits. Together with you, we put together a package with components and parts that match the current or new lessons. 
We make a design for the box with the logo of the educational institution. 
These kits can then be placed on the book list or ordered directly from our website by the students themselves.

One of the great advantages of these kits is that students have all the necessities. This allows them to work on a project for school at home. Interested students can also go further at home, which gives them more knowledge as soon as they enter the business world.


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