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Manual Raspberry Pi 4B starter kit with Heatsink Case

Assemble the heatsink case

The Heatsink Case consists of one bottom and one top. Two fans are mounted on the top.


The part on the left is the bottom. The top is on the right. There is also a bag with 4 bolts and an Allen key.

Step 1:

On the inside are 3 heat conductive stickers with a foil over it. Remove the foil.

Step 2:

Place the top of the case on the Raspberry Pi as shown above.

Step 3:

Flip the Raspberry Pi over and place the bottom. Place the 4 bolts and tighten them using the Allen key.

Step 4:

Connect the fan to the outer row of GPIO Pins. The red wire is on the second and the black on the third pin from the right.

Step 5:

Place the supplied Micro-SD card in the SD slot with the metal strips facing the PCB.

Extra information about the fans

The Raspberry Pi has a row with GPIO Pins. 
On the picture here on the right you can see what it looks like.
You use the selected pins at the top left if you want the fan to be always on. (as long as the Raspberry Pi is on)
The left pin is the 5V and the right is the GND

Connecting & Booting

In the steps above you have attached the housing. You also connected the fans and Micro-SD card. There are two Micro HDMI ports on the side of the Raspberry Pi 4B. Insert the supplied Micro HDMI cable into the left port and the HDMI end into a monitor or screen. 
Connect a keyboard & mouse to the USB ports and finally insert the power cable into the USB-C port.

Your setup is now ready to start. 
When the Raspberry Pi starts up, you will see a desktop on your monitor. You have to set this up for the first time, but that is explained step by step. 
You can now start browsing, programming, editing texts and much more!

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