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Christmas Top 10

Christmas top 10

In the Christmas top 10 you will find ten nice gift ideas about Arduino. 

Santa is coming again and we are celebrating! Below you will find the best Arduino gifts to give and to receive!
With the products from the Christmas top 10 you can be sure that you are in the right place!

Arduino Oplà IoT kit

129.95 119.95 /99.13 excl. VAT

32 in stock (can be backordered)

No.1 Arduino Oplà IoT Kit

With the new Arduino Oplà IoT kit you can make your own Internet of Things devices. This kit is great fun to experiment with Arduino and IoT. 

With this kit you also get 12 months access to the premium version of Arduino Create worth approx. € 60!

Make the following projects, among others

  • Lights with remote control - change color, light modes and switch on / off via your mobile
  • Personal weather station - record and monitor local weather conditions
  • Home Security Alarm - Detect movements and trigger alerts
  • Solar System Tracker - Retrieve data from planets and moons in the solar system
  • Inventory management - track goods in and out
  • Smart Garden - monitor and control the environment for your plants
  • Thermostat control - smart control for heating and cooling systems
  • Thinking About You - send messages between the Oplà and the Arduino IoT Cloud


No.2 Project kit Arduino

We put together the Arduino Project kit ourselves. You get the best components, sensors, motors and supplies. This kit contains enough parts to make thousands of different projects. On our site you will find a lot of free sample projects. We make most projects with parts from this kit. We keep making new sample projects so you can keep having fun with this kit.

This kit is perfect for beginners, but also great fun for advanced users. The Arduino Uno is optional. Don't have these yet? Then select with Uno


View our example projects HERE


Arduino Project kit

66.00 - 89.95

Arduino Nano 33 IoT board with headers - free fritzing file

23.45 /19.38 excl. VAT

No.3 Arduino Nano 33 IoT

The Arduino Nano 33 IoT is a very nice board to get started with Internet of Thins projects. Simply connect the Arduino Nano 33 IoT to the Arduino IoT Cloud and create devices that you can manage via the internet. The IoT Cloud also comes as an app for your smartphone.

We have written a Dutch manual to start immediately with the Arduino Nano 33 IoT. On the basis of 7 lessons we explain everything you need to know to make cool projects yourself.
View the manual HERE


    No.4 Arduino Starter Kit

    The Arduino starter kit is the official Arduino starter kit. In addition to an Arduino Uno and some basic parts, you will receive an English book. This book consists of over 170 pages. Here all the basics of electronics and programming are explained. This kit is ideal if you want to learn something new during the Christmas holidays.

    Make the following lessons, among others

    1. GET TO KNOW YOUR TOOLS: an introduction to the basics
    2. SPACESHIP INTERFACE: design the control panel for your starship
    3. LOVE-O-METER: measure how hot-blooded you are
    4. COLOR MIXING LAMP: produce any color with a lamp that uses light as an input
    5. MOOD CUE: clue people into how you're doing
    6. LIGHT THEREMIN: create a musical instrument you play by waving your hands
    7. KEYBOARD INSTRUMENT: play music and make some noise with this keyboard
    8. DIGITAL HOURGLASS: a light-up hourglass that can stop you from working too much
    9. MOTORIZED PINWHEEL: a colored wheel that will make your head spin
    10. ZOETROPE: create a mechanical animation you can play forward or reverse
    11. CRYSTAL BALL: a mystical tour to answer all your tough questions
    12. KNOCK LOCK: tap out the secret code to open the door
    13. TOUCHY-FEEL LAMP: a lamp that responds to your touch
    14. TWEAK THE ARDUINO LOGO: control your personal computer from your ARDUINO
    15. HACKING BUTTONS: create a master control for all your devices!
    Arduino starter kit

    99.95 89.95 /74.34 excl. VAT

    22 in stock (can be backordered)

    Arduino Fundamentals exam

    32.45 /26.82 excl. VAT

    No.5 Arduino Fundamentals Exam

    Receive your own Arduino Certificate! Do you often work with an Arduino and do you want good proof that you are an Arduino expert? Then pass Arduino Fundamentals, an online exam that offers official certification. You have 75 minutes to answer 36 questions.
    Are you curious about the questions from this exam? Do it then HERE the practice test!


      No.6 Arduino Uno

      The Arduino Uno is the most widely used Arduino board worldwide. That is not surprising, because it is perfect for beginners and advanced users. You can easily connect sensors, components and motors to it. Or expand the functionalities with an Arduino Shield.

      On our website there are a lot of free sample projects for the Arduino Uno. View them HERE!



      Arduino Uno Rev3

      23.95 /19.79 excl. VAT

      47 in stock (can be backordered)

      Arduino nano bundle

      97.80 94.95 /78.47 excl. VAT

      8 in stock

      No.7 Arduino Nano Bundle

      What's better than one Arduino Nano? The four latest Arduino Nanos in one bundle! This set contains the four newest plates from the Nano family.
      You get the:

      • Arduino Nano Every
      • Arduino Nano 33 IoT
      • Arduino Nano 33 BLE
      • Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense

      You will never go wrong with this set! Each plate has its own functionalities and benefits. So you always have a suitable sign available for your project!


      No.8 Arduino MKR WiFi 1010

      The Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 is a good choice if you want to get started with the MKR product family. The MKR product family is for advanced Arduino hobbyists and for professional use. The MKR boards and shields offer a lot of possibilities in a small form factor. 

      The MKR WIFI 1010 is a significant improvement over the MKR 1000 WIFI. It is equipped with an ESP32 module made by U-BLOX. This board aims to accelerate and simplify the prototyping of WiFi-based IoT applications thanks to the flexibility of the ESP32 module and low power consumption. The MKR WIFI 1010 also has a WiFi and Bluetooth module based on ESP32.
      The board consists of three main blocks:

      • SAMD21 Cortex-M0 + 32bit Low Power ARM MCU;
      • U-BLOX NINA-W10 Series Low Power 2.4GHz IEEE® 802.11 b / g / n Wi-Fi; and
      • ECC508 Crypto Authentication. (datasheet)



      Arduino MKR WiFi 1010

      32.95 /27.23 excl. VAT

      3 in stock (can be backordered)

      Starter kit for Arduino & Raspberry Pi

      39.95 /33.02 excl. VAT

      No.9 Starter kit for Arduino & Raspberry Pi

      With the starter kit for Arduino & Raspberry Pi you have an assortment of components, sensors and supplies. These can all be used with both the Arduino and Raspberry Pi. There are 25 modules and sensors in the kit. There are also digital lessons. (English)
      26 lessons for Raspberry Pi 
      30 lessons for Arduino


      No.10 Gift Certificate

      Are you not quite sure what you want to (give)? No problem! Then go for the Electronics For You gift voucher! The recipient can then choose at a later time what he / she wants to have!

      Pay attention! The Gift Voucher can only be exchanged at



        Electronics For Your gift voucher

        10.00 - 100.00


        Christmas top 10

        In the Christmas top 10 you will find a carefully selected selection of Christmas gifts. We are sure that you will enjoy them a lot with these products. Is the product you are looking for not in the top 10? Check out our other Arduino categories!

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