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Raspberry Pi GPIO

GPIO stands for General Purpose Input/Output. This means that a PinApproved Raspberry Pi reseller has no specific function, so this concerns the IO pins. The voltage and ground pins keep their function and cannot be adjusted. Normally Pins have a specific purpose such as sending a signal or receiving a signal. A GPIO Pin is customizable and can be controlled by software. Connect your Raspberry Pi to Components, Sensors, Breadboards and more using one of the GPIO expansion boards.

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Buy GPIO boards?

Good to know is that the pins of the Raspberry Pi 3B + and the new 4B have the same format. If you need more than the standard 40 GPIO pins for your project, it is possible to extend them using an extension cable to your breadboard. In this way, 40 pins will be added, and thus more space for great ideas for your project!

Why buy a GPIO board?

What do you have to take into account when buying a GPIO board?

When buying a GPIO board, we recommend using one reference card This card can be placed over the pins, making it clear which pins are adjustable (IO pins) and which cannot be adjusted (3.3 / 5V, GND). If you do not connect these pins properly, there is a chance that your motherboard will break, you can prevent this by holding an accessory near the pins while wiring.

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