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Raspberry Pi Boards

You can compare a Raspberry Pi with a cheap computer. But in the format of a credit card. To use the Raspberry Pi you need to insert an SD card with the necessary software into the board. The board can be connected to a display and equipped with a keyboard and mouse. This is important if you are using Raspbian, otherwise you will not be able to work with it.

We recommend choosing a keyboard and mouse with one common USB connection. This means you do not take up unnecessary USB ports on your Pi.

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Buy a Raspberry Pi board?

So a Raspberry Pi is a small computer, but what can you do with it? With the Raspberry Pi you can create a lot of fun and challenging projects. With the Raspberry Pi you can make projects such as:
  • A desktop computer
  • A private game
  • Lamps on / off by means of your phone
These are just a few of the projects that are possible with the Raspberry Pi. For your Raspberry Pi to work you also need a micro SD card, these are available as 8,16,32 or 64 GB. They are available with or without the software.

What do you have to take into account when buying a board?

The Raspberry 4 is a newer version of the Raspberry 3 B +. The Raspberry 3 B + comes standard with 1 GB of RAM. The Raspberry 4 is available with 1 GB, 2 GB or 4 GB RAM. Think about what you want to use the Raspberry Pi for and how much RAM you think you will need. Both boards have WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet 4 USB Ports. They also both have a 40-pin GPIO header. This is used to connect electronic components. Do you have questions about Rasberry Pi? Feel free to mail us to: info@elektronicavoorjou.nlOr call 033 - 200 3116. We are happy to support you in choosing your Raspberry Pi with accompanying accessories.

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