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Arduino Accessories

Due to the wide-growing selection of the Arduinos, many types of accessories have also been added. View our range of enclosures and other accessories for your Arduino here!

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  • JoyPi Advanced kit

    Joy-Pi Advanced Development Platform

    344,95 /285,08 excl. VAT
  • Grove Shield for Arduino Nano

    Grove Shield for Arduino Nano

    3,25 /2,69 excl. VAT
  • E-book Getting started with Arduino

    24,95 /22,89 excl. VAT
  • Arduino Fundamentals exam

    Arduino Fundamentals Exam

    32,45 /26,82 excl. VAT
  • Arduino t-shirt gray

    Arduino t-shirt gray

  • Arduino Uno Wall adapter

    Arduino Uno wall adapter – 12V 2A power supply DC barrel

    6,95 /5,74 excl. VAT
  • Arduino base plate

    Proto Plate for Arduino Uno

    4,92 - 7,40
  • ATMega328 with boot loader

    ATMega328 microcontroller with boot loader UNO

    4,95 /4,09 excl. VAT
  • Arduino Mega housing

    Housing for Arduino Mega - Transparent

    7,45 /6,16 excl. VAT
  • Arduino Dipole antenna

    Dipole GSM Antenna

    4,95 /4,09 excl. VAT
  • Acrylic housing Arduino Uno

    Housing for Arduino UNO – transparent

    6,95 /5,74 excl. VAT
  • ABS Enclosure Arduino Mega Transparent

    Arduino Mega Transparent housing

    6,95 /5,74 excl. VAT

Buy Arduino accessories?

The housings in our range come in different colors and are available for the Arduino Uno and the Arduino Mega.

Why buy an Arduino accessory?

What should you pay attention to when buying an Arduino accessories?

A housing protects your Arduino against bumps, so it is wise to buy one because your Arduino has several components on it. Dropping the Arduino or dropping something against the Arduino can damage or break these components.

When choosing your housing, pay attention to which type of Arduino you have. It is also possible to have a closed housing or a housing that gives access to the pins.

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