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Arduino starter kits

An Arduino Starter Kit is the perfect solution to get started with the Arduino Platform.
Next to an Arduino Board (like the Arduino Uno) starter kits contain an assortment of components, such as lights, resistors, sensors and motors. Most kits come with a manual or some projects. This way you learn step by step to work with electronics and programming. View the different options and choose the Arduino starter kit that suits you. Are you completely new to Arduino? Let one of our employees help you make the right choice.

All Arduino Starter Kits

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  • Arduino Project kit

    Arduino project kit

    65,99 - 89,95
  • Arduino starter kit

    Arduino Starter Kits

    92,95 /76,82 excl. VAT
  • Make your own Arduino Uno Kit

    Arduino Make your UNO Kit

    73,95 /61,12 excl. VAT
  • Arduino Opla IoT kit

    Arduino Opla IoT kit

    129,95 /107,40 excl. VAT
  • starter_kit_for_arduino_8

    Starter kit for Arduino

    29,95 - 53,91
  • Grove Sensor kit Arduino

    Arduino sensor kit - Grove

    34,95 /28,88 excl. VAT
  • Starter Kit for Arduino & Raspberry Pi

    Starter Kit for Arduino & Raspberry Pi

    39,95 /33,02 excl. VAT
  • Inverters kit Arduino version

    Inventor's Kit for Arduino – Kitronik

    29,95 /24,75 excl. VAT
  • Basic kit for Arduino

    22,45 - 64,44
  • Crowtail Starter Kit for Arduino

    Crowtail Starter Kit for Arduino

    49,95 /41,28 excl. VAT
  • Arduino Tiny Machine Learning Kit

    Arduino Tiny Machine Learning Kit

    59,96 /49,55 excl. VAT
  • DFrobot Arduino starter kit V3.0

    59,96 /49,55 excl. VAT

Buying an Arduino starter kits?

Arduino starter kits come with hardware and information. As a starting Arduino user, you do not have to dive straight into the deep end. There are many different starter kits, each kit different from the other. This is why you have to look closely at what is in the kit and what you would like to have in it. Find the kit that suits your learning style! The learning progress is strongly determined by the projects and hardware that you use during the various projects.

Why buy an Arduino Starter Kit?

As a newbie you probably don't quite know how to make hardware connections and the Arduino board programs. It is therefore wise to use a good manual. This can be a physical book like the one in the official Arduino Starter Kit
But this can also be done digitally. Most kits come with a manual in PDF format or have projects that you can view online. 
These manuals are compiled from the components and parts of the starter kits.


    What should you pay attention to when buying an Arduino Starter kit?

    The first thing to consider is the hardware in the starter pack. You start by choosing an Arduino board† We recommend starting with a Arduino Uno R3† This is the most used board and is ideal for both beginners and advanced users.

    Because with the Arduino board If you can't do that much yourself, you still need a few extra components.
    There must be many passive and active components to carry out as many projects as possible.
    This way you can learn more from the kit.


    Official Arduino Starter kit

    Arduino has also released a Starter kit itself. With this kit you learn to work with the Arduino platform. The kit includes the popular Arduino Uno rev3 board, a collection of sensors and actuators. You will also receive an English-language book. This book contains everything you need to know about the basics of electronics and programming. On the basis of 15 projects you will learn how to become proficient in working with the Open-Source Arduino Platform. This means that after you have made all the projects, you can continue to devise and make the coolest projects on your own foot!

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