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Educational Toys

Are you interested in technology and electronics? Anyone can do this, including children! This category is full of educational toys for children from 5+ to 14+. Create your own robot, generate power or send messages flying around the room. With over 50 different options, there is always something for your child.

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  • 3D Christmas tree kit Whadda

    3D Christmas Tree – Soldering Kit

    9,95 /8,22 excl. VAT
  • Elecrow CrowBot BOLT

    CrowBot BOLT – STEAM Robot Kit

    49,95 - 89,95
  • Soldering & Programming Kit - Christmas Tree XL

    Christmas Tree XL – Soldering & Programming Kit

    49,95 /41,28 excl. VAT
  • Soldering & Programming Kit - Poly Reindeer XL

    Poly Reindeer XL – Soldering & Programming Kit

    49,95 /41,28 excl. VAT
  • Pre-assembled Programming Kit Rudolph XL - Red Version

    Red Rudolph XL - Programming Kit - Pre-assembled

    49,95 /41,28 excl. VAT
  • Whadda WSPXL101 Rudolph XL Kits construction kit

    Rudolph XL – Soldering & Programming Kit

    49,95 /41,28 excl. VAT
  • SMD Christmas tree kit Whadda

    SMD Christmas Tree – Soldering Kit

    7,95 /6,57 excl. VAT
  • Whadda Snowman soldering kit

    Snowman – Soldering Kit

    21,90 /18,10 excl. VAT
  • ALLBOT 4 in 1 Arduino Robot Kit

    4 in 1 ALLBOT® Arduino Robot Kit – 14+

    99,95 /82,60 excl. VAT
  • ALLBOT 5 in 1 Arduino Robot Kit

    5 in 1 ALLBOT® Arduino Robot Kit – 14+

    119,95 /99,13 excl. VAT
  • Real working potato clock

    Potato Clock Kit

    19,95 /16,49 excl. VAT
  • Aqua Robot Kit

    Aqua Robot

    25,95 /21,45 excl. VAT

Electric Toys

Electricity is everywhere! It is therefore important for children to learn to work with electronics at a young age. Therefore, there is a lot of educational electricity toys. For example, you have a robot that works on a motor with a battery. But you can also generate your own electricity. There are various kits that work on a solar panel. There are also kits purely aimed at green energy. Like a wind turbine that converts air power into electricity.

STEAM toy kits

The purpose of the STEAM toy kits is to learn in a playful way. Each kit consists of parts with which you can make a working project yourself. As you build the projects, you'll learn how mechanics, electronics, and more work. There are educational toys for both boys and girls, but most of them are great fun for both.

Programming for children

Some kits contain or belong an Arduino or Micro:bit. These are microcontrollers that you can program yourself. The Micro:bit has been specially developed for children. In the beginning they can program by means of code blocks. When you're further along, you can easily switch to Python or JavaScript. The Micro:bit is suitable for children from 7 years. The advantage of the code blocks is that they are also available in Dutch. This makes it easy for everyone to get started quickly. The Micro:bit you can use it as a separate educational toy, but you can also use it as the brain of a project such as a robot. The Tobbie II robot is a robot developed for children that works in such a Micro:bit.

Do you have questions about the educational toys? Feel free to email us at: Or call +033 - 200 3116. We are happy to support you in choosing the right kit!


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