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The micro:bit is a pocket-sized mini computer. The minicomputer was designed at the initiative of the BBC and is part of the 'Make It Digital' campaign. The micro:bit is made for programming and executing all your digital ideas. This makes it possible to develop interactive projects yourself. All elements of the computer are completely programmable via the simple software. So the possibilities are almost endless. In our webshop you will find microbit computers, bundles and accessories. 

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  • Micro:bit Bear Badge Kit

    Bear Badge Kit for micro:bit – With micro:bit V2

    49,54 /41,28 excl. VAT
  • Piromoni enviro:bit micro:bit Kit

    Enviro:bit micro:bit Kit – With micro:bit V2

    49,54 /41,28 excl. VAT
  • noise:bit micro:bit Kit

    Noise:bit micro:bit Kit – With micro:bit V2

    44,58 /37,15 excl. VAT
  • automation:bit Pimoroni


    18,79 /15,66 excl. VAT
  • lamp bit for micro:bit

    LAMP:bit – Streetlight for micro:bit – Kitronik

    6,40 /5,33 excl. VAT
  • Noise pack addon for micro:bit

    Noise Pack for Kitronik Inventor's Kit for micro:bit

    16,81 /14,01 excl. VAT
  • ZIP LEDs Add-On Pack for Kitronik Inventors Kit for micro:bit

    ZIP LEDs Add-On Pack for Kitronik Inventors Kit for micro:bit

    18,30 /15,25 excl. VAT
  • BBC Micro: bit - Go: Bundle V2

    22,26 /18,55 excl. VAT
  • Kitronik Discovery kit for micro:bit

    Discovery kit for micro:bit – Kitronik

    14,83 /12,36 excl. VAT
  • Grove Inventor Kit for micro:bit

    Grove Inventor Kit for micro:bit

    79,28 /66,07 excl. VAT
  • Micro Bit Inventor's Kit

    Inventor's Kit for the BBC micro: bit

    29,70 /24,75 excl. VAT
  • Kitronik Python Inventors kit

    Inventor's Kit for the BBC micro:bit – Python version

    29,70 /24,75 excl. VAT

Programming with the micro:bit

The most popular programming environment for the micro:bit computer is Make:code. In Make:code you can easily program graphically or via a word processor. Graphically is through code blocks. Via a word processor works through JavaScript and Python. Besides the possibility to program on the computer via a USB connection, programming with a smartphone or tablet is very convenient.

Expand Microbits?

It is easy to expand a micro:bit computer with various applications and accessories. Think of housings, expansion boards or mechanical parts. In addition, there are several projects that help people take an interest in IoT mechanics. We have various micro:bit kits in our range for this.

Micro:bit training for teachers

We have a special for teachers micro:bit training started up. In this training you will learn in one day how to work with the Micro:bit platform. We teach you about basic electronics and sensors. You will also learn how to program with the micro:bit. Once you have completed this training, you can guide students while working with Micro:bit.

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