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Home Automation

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  • Side view of MLX90640-D110 Thermal Camera

    MLX90640-D110 Thermal Camera

    64,95 /53,68 excl. VAT
  • Side view of MLX90640-D55 Thermal Camera

    MLX90640-D55 Thermal Camera

    64,95 /53,68 excl. VAT
  • TFmini Plus Laser Ranging Distance Sensor

    69,95 /57,81 excl. VAT
  • Angled Front Gas Sensor FC-22 MQ-7

    Gas Sensor FC-22 MQ-7

    3,50 /2,89 excl. VAT
  • Side Gas Sensor FC-22 MQ-9

    Gas Sensor FC-22 MQ-9

    4,00 /3,31 excl. VAT
  • Right side view of a BME688 4-In-1 Sensor

    Grove BME688 4-In-1 Gas Sensor

    38,95 /32,19 excl. VAT
  • Side view of a Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor

    Coarse Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor

    9,45 /7,81 excl. VAT
  • Front of a Grove Infrared Receiver

    Grove Infrared Receiver

    4,95 /4,09 excl. VAT
  • Front view of an Air Quality Sensor v1.3

    Grove Air Quality Sensor v1.3

    7,95 /6,57 excl. VAT
  • Top view Multichannel Gas Sensor V2

    Grove Multichannel Gas Sensor V2

    34,95 /28,88 excl. VAT
  • Top view of a Grove CO2 Temperature and Humidity Sensor SCD30

    Grove SCD30 CO2, Temperature & Humidity Sensor

    61,45 /50,79 excl. VAT
  • Top view of a VOC and eCO2 Gas Sensor

    Grove VOC and eCO2 Gas Sensor

    20,95 /17,31 excl. VAT
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