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Are you looking for a Breadboard as a tool for circuit design and testing? In our webshop we have different types of breadboards with a diversity of tie points. Our Breadboards are often used in combination with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and ESP products. 

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  • MB102 breadboard power supply

    Breadboard power supply – 3,3V / 5V

    2,45 /2,02 excl. VAT
  • 830 tie point breadboard

    Breadboard 830 tie points

    7,49 /6,19 excl. VAT
  • 830 tie points breadboard transparent

    Breadboard 830 tie points - Transparent

    8,49 /7,02 excl. VAT
  • Breadboard_400_tie_points_1

    Breadboard 400 tie points

    6,95 /5,74 excl. VAT
  • 400 tie points breadboard transparent

    Breadboard 400 tie points - Transparent

    7,45 /6,16 excl. VAT
  • Breadboard_mini_170 _tie_points_1

    Breadboard mini 170 tie points

  • Very breadboard ZY201

    Breadboard 830 tie points ZY-201

    9,95 /8,22 excl. VAT
  • Double Heel breadboard ZY204

    Breadboard 1660 tie points ZY-204

    14,95 /12,36 excl. VAT
  • Breadboard board 2390 tie points

    Breadboard 2390 tie points ZY-206

    19,95 /16,49 excl. VAT
  • 3220 tie point breadboard ZY-208

    Breadboard 3220 tie points ZY-208

    23,95 /19,79 excl. VAT
  • Ultra mini breadboard

    Breadboard ultra mini 25 tie points

  • Mini breadboard plate

    Plate for Breadboard ultra mini

    3,45 /2,85 excl. VAT

What is a Breadboard?

A breadboard is an easy way to quickly set up, test, and modify circuits. The advantage of a breadboard is that you don't have to solder wires and components to make a circuit while using the breadboard. You can easily slide components in and out of the spring-loaded holes. This allows you to change your circuit design at any time and without hassle.

What is a breadboard made of?

A breadboard consists of a series of conductive metal clips encased in white ABS plastic. Each clip is insulated with a different clip and there are a number of holes on the side of the plastic case. The boards are numbered and arranged in a certain way. A typical Breadboard layout consists of two types of regions also called strips. Bus strips and socket strips. Bus strips are usually used to power the circuit. It consists of two columns, one for supply voltage and one for ground. Socket strips are used to hold the components in a circuit. In general, it consists of two sections with 5 rows and 64 columns each. Each column is electrically connected from the inside.

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