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Raspberry Pi Accessories

De Raspberry Pi mini computers are delivered bare. To get started successfully with your Raspberry Pi you need various accessories. View the full range of SD cards, cables, cooling, cameras, home automation and more!

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  • ELECFREAKS Wukong2040 Breakout Board for Raspberry Pi Pico

    11,95 /9,88 excl. VAT
  • 5V 5A power supply USB-C

    27W PD USB-C Power Supply Black for Raspberry Pi 5

    12,45 /10,29 excl. VAT
  • Argon THRML 60mm Radiator Cooler Black

    Argon THRML 60mm Radiator Cooler – Black

    23,95 /19,79 excl. VAT
  • Argon ONE V3 M.2 NVME PCIE Enclosure

    Argon ONE V3 M.2 NVME PCIE Enclosure For Raspberry Pi 5

    58,95 /48,72 excl. VAT
  • Front Automation HAT Mini front Raspberry Pi

    Automation HAT Mini Front Raspberry Pi

    26,95 /22,27 excl. VAT
  • Ctrl C/V Shortcut Keyboard

    Ctrl C/V Shortcut Keyboard for Programmers

    15,95 /13,18 excl. VAT
  • Heatsinks Copper 18 Pieces with box

    Heatsinks Copper – 18 Pieces

    16,95 /14,01 excl. VAT
  • Heatsinks Copper 8 Pieces Box

    Heatsinks Copper – 8 Pieces

    9,95 /8,22 excl. VAT
  • Industrial Gigabit PoE Splitter

    Industrial Gigabit PoE Splitter

    19,95 /16,49 excl. VAT
  • Jetson Nano 5V 4A Power Supply

    Jetson Nano 5V 4A Power Supply

    9,95 /8,22 excl. VAT
  • JoyPi Advanced kit

    Joy-Pi Advanced Development Platform

    344,95 /285,08 excl. VAT
  • Cooling unit Front Raspberry Pi 5

    Cooling unit Front Raspberry Pi 5

    6,95 /5,74 excl. VAT

Raspberry Pi Buy accessories?

To you Raspberry Pi To use it, you need at least 2 accessories. One Micro SD card with an operating system such as Raspberry Pi OS. And one power supply, this can be a micro USB power supply or a USB-C power supply for the Pi 4 boards. Depending on your application, you can further expand the accessories. In most cases you also want to have a (micro) HDMI cable to connect the Pi to a display. In addition, a keyboard and mouse are useful for control. Also don't forget to cool your Pi properly. A set of heatsinks or a fan is definitely recommended.

Accessories for every project

De Raspberry Pi is a versatile device that you can use in all directions. There are hundreds of accessories especially for the Raspberry Pi developed. Do you want to set up a security system? This is possible with accessories such as a Raspberry Pi camera. Then connect the Pi to your smartphone via the internet. Or connect the Pi directly to the speakers. Do you want to automate your home? Then connect a zigbee module and control all your smart devices.

What should you pay attention to? Raspberry Pi accessories?

There are now quite a lot of different Raspberry Pi models. In addition to the single board computers are now also micro controller boards. In addition to an even wider range of accessories, this also means that not every accessory is suitable for every Pi. In most cases, the title, description, or specifications will state which board the accessory is working. But sometimes you have to figure this out first. There is a lot of difference, especially between the first and the latest models. For example, with the Pi 4 you have a USB-C power supply instead of Micro-USB. At the standard Raspberry Pi mini computers have a different size camera connection than the Zero 2 W. So check carefully whether the accessory is with you board suits!

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