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Enjoy an ultimate sound experience and combine your HiFiBerry with one of the Raspberry Pi Boards† The HiFiBerry sound plates are elegant, stable and easy to assemble. Whether you're looking for an analog connection or would you rather enjoy digital sound? A HiFiBerry board is available for almost all types of audio connections. At Elektronica Voor You we have various HiFiBerry sound cards, amplifiers and housings. 

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  • HiFiBerry AAmp60

    HiFiBerry AAmp60

    55,49 /46,24 excl. VAT
  • HiFiBerry Amp100

    HiFiBerry AMP100

    114,00 /95,00 excl. VAT
  • Amp2 HiFiBerry

    HiFiBerry AMP2

    59,46 /49,55 excl. VAT
  • Hifiberry Beocreate 4 Channel AMP

    HiFiBerry Beocreate 4-Channel Amplifier

    193,34 /161,12 excl. VAT

    HiFiBerry DAC+ADC

    56,48 /47,07 excl. VAT

    HiFiBerry DAC+ ADC Pro

    69,37 /57,81 excl. VAT
  • HiFiBerry DAC+ DSP

    HiFiBerry DAC+ DSP

    78,30 /65,25 excl. VAT
  • Hi-Fiberry DAC+ Pro XLR

    HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro XLR

    59,40 /49,50 excl. VAT
  • HiFiBerry DAC+ Light

    HiFiBerry DAC+ RCA Light

    24,74 /20,62 excl. VAT
  • HiFiBerry DAC+ RTC

    HiFiBerry DAC+ RTC

    32,63 /27,19 excl. VAT
  • HiFiBerry DAC+ RCA

    HiFiBerry DAC+ standard – RCA

    29,70 /24,75 excl. VAT
  • HiFiBerry DAC+ Zero - RCA

    HiFiBerry DAC+ for Raspberry Pi Zero

    19,79 /16,49 excl. VAT
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