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Quiz Buzzer Project Kit – Kitronik

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Description Quiz Buzzer Project Kit - Kitronik

The Quiz buzzer project kit allows two people / teams to show who presses the button first. When the button is pressed, the buzzer will sound and the red or green LED will illuminate. This way you can see who pressed the button first to answer the question.
With this project you will learn about various electronic components. It uses push-to-make & push-to-break switches, thyristors, transistors, LEDs and buzzers.

Features Quiz Buzzer Project Kit

  • Audio and visual indicator.
  • Wide range of electronics.
  • Ideal for learning to solder.
  • Ideal for learning to work with electronics.

Contents Quiz Buzzer Project Kit

  • 1x Quad 2 Input AND Gate (4081B)
  • 1x Quad 2 Input OR Gate (4071B)
  • 2x IC socket 14-pin
  • 2x miniature push to make switch, red
  • 1x Miniature Push-to-Break Switch, Black
  • 1x red 5mm diffused LED - 275mCd
  • 1x green 5mm diffused LED - 35mCd
  • 5x 10K resistor
  • 2x 220R resistor
  • 2x 2N5061 Thyristor
  • 1x BC547 NPN Transistor
  • 1x piezo buzzer (with drive)
  • 1x PP3 battery clamp cable (heavy duty)
  • 1x 3xAA battery cage with clip
  • 1x Quiz Buzzer Circuit Board

Additional Supplies Quiz Buzzer Project Kit

  • 3X AA battery
  • Soldering Iron & Tin
  • Wire blink
  • wire stripper



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