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Arduino Education Starter Kit

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Description Arduino Education Starter Kit

Teach high school students the basics of programming, coding, and electronics. No prior knowledge or experience is required, the kit guides you step by step. Teacher guides are also available. Lessons can be adapted to the skills of the students.
You can integrate the kit into the curriculum, giving students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with programming and electronics, with guided sessions and open experiments. You will also teach them vital 21st century skills such as collaboration and problem-solving.
The Arduino Education Starter Kit contains all the hardware and software you need for eight students (in groups of 2). You get step-by-step lessons, teacher notes, exercises and for a complete and in-depth classroom experience. There are also additional optional resources, including activities, concepts, history, and interesting facts.
The online platform includes teacher content, 9X 90 minute lessons, and two open-ended group projects-. Each lesson builds on the previous one, giving students a further opportunity to apply the skills and concepts they have already learned. Students also receive an engineering log that they complete as they work through the lessons.
The beginning of each lesson provides an overview, estimated completion times and learning objectives. In each lesson there are teacher notes and information that help the lesson go smoothly. Extension ideas are provided at the end of each lesson.

What does this kit contain?

4 Arduino UNO rev 3
4 Starter Kit mounting base Easy-to-assemble plastic base
4 Battery Snap 9v
8 Batteries 9v
4 Breadboard 400 points
4 Capacitor – 100uF
4 Female-Male Jumper Wires (red)
4 Female-male Jumper Wires (black)
20 LEDs (red)
20 LEDs (green)
20 LEDs (yellow)
20 LEDs (blue)
4 Multimeters
4 Piezo Buzzer [PKM17EPP-4001-B0]
4 Phototransistors
8 Potentiometer 10kOhms
20 Push Button
4 Resistors - 1 kOhms
20 Resistors - 10 kOhms
20 Resistors - 220 Ohms
20 Resistors - 560 Ohms
70 jumper wires
4 Stranded jumper wires (red)
4 Servo Motor
4 Temperature sensor [TMP36]
4 USB Cable
12M 3 Screw
12 M3 Bolts


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