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Bare Conductive touch board starter kit

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Have you ever thought of creating a poster that plays your favorite track? Or give objects the opportunity to speak? Or maybe even to make hidden sensors in your home? Then the Touch Board Starter Kit is definitely for you! Each kit includes a Touch Board, Electric Paint, and everything to start changing the world around you. You do not need to have any programming knowledge! The Touch Board is supplied ready to use so that you can immediately create any of the three projects described. The included guide guides you with step-by-step instructions and is a source of ideas and inspiration for you to move on. LEVEL: Super Beginner to Programming Pro The Electric Paint from Bare Conductive is just like any other water-based paint, except that this paint conducts electricity! This means that you can apply sensors to just about any material. When you combine this with the Touch Board, an easy to use Arduino @ Heart microcontroller, you can turn just about any material or surface into a sensor.

Stories Graphic Sensor (English)

Create an interactive wall drawing using the Touch Board and Electric Paint. Follow the instructions to add personal stories and sounds to each image. Bedtime stories will never be the same once you paint this on the wall!     Objects As Sensors (English) Configure your Touch Board to voice objects around you. You can include a text which vitamins to take, how to water your plants or link your favorite track to a picture frame.       Sensing Spaces (English) Discover sensors in the built-up world. Use the Touch Board and Electric Paint to create an alarm sensor that can detect an intruder.

Technical details

Electric Paint

  • Dries in room temperature for 10-15 minutes.
  • Must be fully dried to work.
  • Easy to remove with soap and water.
  • Seal with acrylic paint or spray paint.
  • Lasts for years when treated well and stays dry.
  • Works on paper, cardboard, wood, plastic, glass, plaster, various rubbers, textiles and more.

Touch Board

  • Feeling touch and distance
  • Works perfectly with Electric Paint
  • Pre-programmed as an MP3 Player
  • Easy to program as a MIDI instrument or MIDI interface
  • HID Capabilities - Turn the Touch Board into a keyboard or mouse
  • Arduino compatible and programmable via the Arduino IDE
  • Arduino Leonardo pin layout with support for shields

In this kit

1 x Touch Board 1 x Electric Paint 10ml Tube 1 x Electric Paint 50ml Pot 1 x Manual / Guide 1 x MicroSD card 1 x MicroSD card reader 1 x Micro USB cable 1 x Mini Speaker 12 x Crocodile clips (different colors) 1 x House template 1 x Brush template 12 x Adhesives 3 x Velcro Stickers 2 x Roll paper


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