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Basic kit for Arduino

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The basic kit for Arduino has some of the most popular accessories for Arduino. With the detailed book (English) you can perform 13 basic experiments step by step.

In the box:

  • USB Cable (Type B) x1
  • Printed guidebook x1
  • 5mm Red LED x5
  • 5mm Green LED x5
  • 5mm Yellow LED x5
  • RGB LED (Common cathode) x2
  • 220 OHM Resistor x20
  • 680 OHM resistor x10
  • 1K Resistor x10
  • 10K Resistor x10
  • 470K Resistor x10
  • 390PF ceramic capacitors x2
  • IN4007 Diode x2
  • Buzzer x1
  • Tilt Switch x2
  • 50K Potentiometer x1
  • Photo resist sensor x2
  • LM35 Temperature sensor x1
  • Four Digit Numeric Display (common cathode) x1
  • Flame Sensor x1
  • 1602 LCD Display Module (Blue) x1
  • 40 Pin 20cm Dule Male Jumper Wire x1
  • Basic Breadboard x1
  • 9V Battery Connector x1
  • Tact Switch x5
  • Clear Case x1

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With Arduino Uno, With Arduino Mega, Without

5 reviews for Basic kit for Arduino

  1. Johan Geuens (verified owner) -

    great kit, there is a lot in it that you can use to do tests with arduino

  2. Harm Post (verified owner) -

    I also bought the basic kit for the Arduino.
    Indeed: the booklet is hardly usable.
    After telephone consultation with an employee of "Electronics for you", he pointed me to a booklet of another starter kit
    At the bottom of the description of this kit you will find the accompanying booklet in PDF. with many useful projects and much clearer images.

  3. RW de Jong (verified owner) -

    It turns out that the source code that you can download also contains .jpg images with the examples of how to make the circuit.

  4. RW de Jong (verified owner) -

    The booklet is indeed equipped with a very small font, but legible.
    Unfortunately this does not apply to the figures, they are completely illegible.
    This actually does not help you.

    • sim admin -

      Thank you for your rating. We are going to inquire whether we can get a PDF file of the booklet so that you can still work well with it.

  5. martinvdv (verified owner) -

    Yesterday received this kit and without any knowledge of Arduino or electricity enthusiastically started unpacking, installing and started the first lesson.
    What strikes me is that first of all it is in English (but that shouldn't be a problem) but even worse, because of the used font size (<4) it simply cannot be read. The accompanying images showing how things should be connected are also impossible to see.
    Via Google I did find a useful PDF tutorial from Elecrow (supplier of the kit) which fortunately is clear and also zoom in where necessary. (I'm not sure if it's possible to paste a link to this review but I'm just trying Pdf

    • sim admin -

      Dear Martin,
      Thanks for your review. I just checked and I have to admit that the font is indeed small.
      However, it is still easy to read. Can you contact us? There may be a mistake in your booklet.
      The link you added is for another starter kit:
      There are other parts in that kit, so you cannot make all of them.

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