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Gravity: Analog EMG Sensor

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Description Gravity: Analog EMG Sensor

This EMG (electromyography) sensor is developed by DFrobot and OYMotion. The sensor can detect sEMG. This allows the muscle and neural activities of humans to be reflected.
This sensor integrates filter circuit and amplified circuit. It amplifies minimum sEMG within ±1,5 MV 1000 times and suppresses noises (especially power frequency interference) through differential input and analog filter circuit. The output signal is analog, which has 1,5 V as the reference voltage. The output voltage range is 0 ~ 3.0V. The signal strength depends on the intensity of the muscle activities. The output waveform indicates the muscle activity and contributes to the analysis and investigation of the sEMG. You can use an Arduino as a controller. This can check whether the muscle is tense; muscle strength, etc.
This is an active inductance sensor and can provide high quality signal collection. Only simple preparations are needed to apply the module to static or dynamic areas. A dry electrode is applied to the module. The signal is of good quality even without conductive gel.
1. The supply voltage range is 3,3~5.5V. The supply current should not be less than 20mA. The ripple current and disturbance current should be as low as possible. Stabilized DC voltage is recommended.
2. The effective spectrum range is 20Hz ~ 500Hz.
3. Placement of the metal dry electrode should be in accordance with the muscle direction.
4. The product is not a professional medical device and cannot diagnose and/or cure the disease.

Specifications Analog EMG Sensor

Signal transmitter board

  • Supply voltage: + 3.3V ~ 5.5V
  • Operating voltage: + 3.0V
  • Detection Range: +/- 1.5MV
  • Electrode Connector: PJ-342
  • Module Connector: PH2.0-3P
  • Output voltage: 0~3.0v
  • Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 50
  • Size: 22mm*35mm

Dry Electrode Board

  • Electrode Connector: PJ-342
  • Wire length: 50cm
  • Plate Size: 22*35mm
  • Weight: 36g

The Analog Turbidity Sensor includes

  • EMG Dry Electrode Board X1
  • Wrist strap x1
  • Electrode cable x1
  • EMG signal transmitter plate X1
  • Gravity analog cable 3pin x1


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