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Raspberry Pi Audio DAC SHIM (Line Out)

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Description Raspberry Pi Audio DAC SHIM (Line Out)

The Audio DAC SHIM from Pimoroni is an easy way to connect a hi-fi amplifier or active loudspeaker to a Raspberry Pi to connect.
The SHIMs (Shove Hardware in the Middle) are small and handy boards to add extra functionalities to your Raspberry Pi. The SHIM's PCB is only 0,8mm thick (excluding mounted components). It is designed to connect to the GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi to be placed. This one has a clever friction-fit header that slides easily over the GPIO pins. So you don't have to solder it and you can easily remove the SHIM.
The PCM5100A DAC chip extracts high-quality digital audio from your Pi. It delivers clearer 24-bit/192KHz stereo line-level audio through the 3,5mm jack. Since Audio DAC SHIM is narrow, it's perfect for fitting into tight enclosures or hiding in hi-fis, media centers or radiograms. It's also a handy way to add an audio output to your Pi Zero or Pi 400!

Features Audio DAC SHIM (Line Out)

  • PCM5100A DAC chip (datasheet)
  • Line-level digital audio (24-bit / 192 KHz) over I2S
  • 3,5mm stereo jack
  • SHIM size board with friction fit connectors
  • 2x mounting holes (M2.5) if you want to attach everything together with bolts
  • Fully curated
  • No soldering required (*unless you're using a Pi that doesn't come with a header)
  • Compatible with all 40 pin header Raspberry Pi-models
  • Dimensions: 66,5 x 16,2 x 5,2 mm (L x W x D, including 3,5 mm jack)

Software Audio DAC SHIM (Line Out)

The easiest way to get everything set up is to use our Pirate Audio software and installer which configures I2S audio and SPI, as well as installing Mopidy and our custom Pirate Audio plugins which will let you stream Spotify or play local files.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Set an SD card up with the latest version of Raspberry Pi BONE.
  2. Connect to Wi-Fi or a wired network.
  3. Open a terminal and type the following:git clone
    cd pirate-audio/mopidy
    sudo ./
  4. Reboot your Pi

You can find more detailed instructions here: or get tons more info in our Getting Started with Pirate Audio tutorial.

Alternatively, if you'd rather not install all the Mopidy stuff, you can set Audio Amp SHIM as your default Alsa device in Raspberry Pi OS by adding the following lines to your /boot/config.txt file:


If you're using a Pi that has an audio jack you might also need to disable onboard audio by adding a # to the beginning of the following line (this can help applications find the correct audio device automatically):



  • You can use an Audio DAC SHIM with HATs and mini HATs without a booster header, as long as they don't have any chunky components on the underside (it's a good idea to check there are no metal components on the underside of your HAT that touch the metal components on the top of the SHIM).
  • If you want to use one with a Pibow Coupé case (either for the Zero / Zero W or Pi 4), then you'll need to use a booster header to raise it up a little.
  • If you're planning on using Audio DAC SHIM to add an audio output to your Pi 400, you'll also need a booster header. If you're plugging it directly into the back of a Pi 400, bear in mind that the SHIM should be upside down, with the mounting holes at the bottom. Alternatively, you could plug it in via a Flat HAT Hacker (in which case you won't need a booster header or to plug anything in upside down).
  • Audio DAC SHIM uses GPIO 18, 19, and 21 (as well as 5v and various Grounds). If you're planning on using it in conjunction with other boards you'll need to check for pin conflicts using


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