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Tinkerkit BRACCIO - Robotic arm

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  • Free shipping from € 74,95 NL. (€ 99,95 BE / DE)
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Tinkerkit BRACCIO Robot arm kit

The BRACCIO Robot Arm is the official robot arm from Arduino. With this robot you can experiment and gain experience with programming a Robot arm. The Tinkerkit BRACCIO is a versatile Robot Arm that can be configured in different ways, by the possibility of attaching multiple objects to the end of the Robot Arm. For example, to have a camera follow your face, a solar panel to follow the sun. The BRACCIO is also designed to work easily with an Arduino Microcontroller, via the included SHIELD. We recommend getting one UNO Arduino to order so you can get started right away! The Robot Arm comes in a kit, which means that you have to assemble it yourself. This is easy to do with the (English) manual and Youtube instructions. There are also through GitHub find some standard programming. Arduino is updating the Braccio website, in the meantime you can download the consult old Braccio website.

What's in the Tinkerkit Braccio?

21 x Plastic Parts 63 x Screws 16 x Flat Washer 7 x Hex Nut 2 x Springs Servo Motors: 2 x SR 311, 4 x SR 431 1 x Arduino Compatible Shield 1 x Power Supply 5V, 5A 1 x Phillips Screwdriver 1 x Double Hex Wrench 1 x Spiral protection wrap

Compatible Arduino Boards:

  • Uno
  • Uno SMD
  • Uno WiFi
  • Due
  • Mega 2560
  • Ethernet
  • Leonardo
  • Leonardo ETH
  • M0
  • M0 Pro
  • Yun *
  • Tian *
  • Primo *

* Tian or Yun. Be careful with the shield, if you press it too far you will get a short circuit between the M1 connector and the ethernet port.
* Arduino YÚN, ​​Tian and Primo with Braccio Shield V4 To get the shield working you have to set the power switch to "VIN" and you also have to bridge the 5V pin to the VIN Pin (see image). In addition, you have to bend the 5V pin of the shield around the connector (see image) Jumper bridge braccio exampleConvert lead 5v pin


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