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Solar flashlight kit – Kitronik

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Description Solar flashlight kit - Kitronik

This is Kitronik's solar flashlight kit. It is an ideal set for learning how to solder and work with solar energy. When the kit is made you can divide the circuit into two sections. The first section is the energy storage section and the second is the energy consumption section. The solar energy is converted into electricity by the solar cell and is stored in the capacitors† The diode protects the solar cell against the backflow of current. The switch connects the two sections. When turned on, the capacitors can discharge in the LED. Five minutes of charging in bright sunlight results in approx. 5-10 LED lighting.
The circuit board is designed so that the flashlight can be hung on a key ring† The kit comes with adhesive strips to fix the solar cell to the PCB. There are also 4 M3 mounting holes to allow the flashlight to be mounted in a housing.

Features Solar energy flashlight kit

  • Ideal for learning to solder
  • Ideal for learning to work with solar energy
  • The completed set can be worn on your keychain
  • The circuit board has mounting holes for secure mounting

Contents Solar flashlight kit

  • 1x BAT41 signal diode
  • 2x electrolytic supercapacitors, 2,7V 6,3mm diameter
  • 1x white 5mm water clear LED - 25 degrees - 2250mCd
  • 1x 150R CR25 0,25W Carbon Film Resistor with 5% Tolerance
  • 1x Flat Profile Tact Switch
  • 1x solar cell
  • 1x Sticky Fixers Strip
  • A solar powered flashlight PCB

Additional Supplies Solar Flashlight Kit

  • Pliers
  • Soldering Iron & Tin
  • Wire blink
  • wire stripper



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