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Raspberry Pi Projects

Raspberry Pi project: Servo Control

Raspberry Pi project: Servo Control This servo project with Raspberry Pi is a great way to learn how to add movement and control to your projects. With a servo you can perform precise and controlled movements, allowing you, for example...

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Raspberry Pi project:Python Turtle

Raspberry Pi project: Python Turtle In this project we will program with Python Turtle. Turtle images are a popular way to introduce children to programming. It was part of the original Logo programming language, developed...

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Raspberry Pi project: Weather station

Raspberry Pi project: Weather station At this Raspberry Pi project we are going to make a weather station. We use the DHT11 for this. This is a Temperature and humidity sensor. The Temperature is indicated in degrees Celsius (°C) and the humidity in...

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Raspberry Pi Project: Install OpenCV

In this project we are going to install OpenCV on the Raspberry Pi. OpenCV is an open source computer vision and machine learning library. OpenCV contains over 2500 algorithms for facial recognition, object detection and much more. In this guide, we'll show three...

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Raspberry Pi project: Pi hole ad blocker

  In this project you will learn how to Raspberry Pi based ad-blocker setup for your laptop and a number of other devices, or even your entire network. This ad blocker is based on Pi-hole. Pi-hole is a software especially for the Raspberry Pi...

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Basic Raspberry Pi project: camera

In this guide I will explain step by step how to Raspberry Pi camera module can connect. You will also learn how to take photos and videos with it, and what settings you can use. This one Raspberry Pi (4) camera project manual covered:...

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Raspberry Pi projects

Do you want to go with your next Raspberry Pi getting started on a project? Or are you starting your first today? On this page we have a number of nice example projects ready. Especially for you. Each project is explained step by step what to do and how to do it. You can get started right away! Sample projects are available for beginners and advanced users.

Pi projects for beginners

You don't have to be an electronics & programming expert to get started with Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi is the ideal platform to learn to code. But also to make robots and other fantastic projects. The Raspberry Pi boards have become increasingly powerful over the years. This makes it possible to make increasingly larger projects. It doesn't matter if you are still in primary school or if you want to use the pi for professional purposes. The Raspberry Pi offers endless possibilities.

Different projects

You can program is programs like scratch or python. In one of our projects you will learn to make a game where a bat flies through a maze to reach a taco. In yet another project you learn to turn a light on and off via the internet. On the basis of these kinds of fun projects you learn to Raspberry Pi to become an expert.
We are continuously making new sample projects. So you can always recreate a new project.

Raspberry Pi advanced projects

Are you already familiar with Raspberry Pi, but are you looking for a new challenge? Then view one of our advanced projects. These projects are more extensive than the beginner projects. We often go deeper into certain topics such as: OpenCV and home automation and more. After making the projects, you are able to come up with projects yourself.

Types of advanced projects

For example, create a robot with a camera that can detect objects and then drive around them. The possibilities with Raspberry Pi are endless. Let your imagination run its course and adapt our projects to your wishes!

Raspberry Pi 4 projects

With the arrival of the Raspberry Pi 4, many new possibilities have become available. The new Raspberry Pi is a lot more powerful compared to the previous models. There are now 2 Micro-HDMI ports so you can add an extra screen. This can be very interesting for projects where image is important.

Raspberry Pi projects Dutch

Electronics projects for you, and everything in Dutch. All Raspberry Pi projects that you can find on this page are written in Dutch. The films accompanying the projects are also in Dutch. This is so easy. Especially for beginners this makes it easier to understand. 



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