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Engineering education

Engineering education

Technology education is the most fun and one of the most important building blocks in society. Technology is all around us. Whether on a small or large scale. Every company has to deal with it. That is why it is important to show students what it actually entails. Because technology continues to change, the curriculum must also move with the times. Students' interest in technology will increase when they receive interactive lessons. This means that the teachers involved in this must regularly receive additional training.  
You want to take the next step in technology education, but how do you best approach this

Tailor-made lesson boxes / student kit

Each school gives a different interpretation to technology education within lessons. That is why we do not have a standard kit that is suitable for all schools / students. We are happy to help your school put together a lesson box or a student kit. We keep a close eye on your budget. The kits can be added to the book list.

Teacher training

Do you have little or no experience in teaching using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Micro:bit or 3D Printing? Then we recommend to follow a training. We offer standard training, but also tailor-made training that focuses on specific topics.

Lesson packages / Lesson development

Do you want to start directly with Arduino, Raspberry Pi of Micro:bit? Which can! We already have a number of lesson packages ready for use. Our teaching packages consist of teaching material, questions, assignments and a final test. Do you have an idea for a lesson? Request a quote for the development of this without obligation!

Local / Techlab facility

Do you want to inspire students with technology? Then we can transform your classroom into a fantastic tech lab. Our experts ensure that the resources match well. We also provide clear instructions. This allows the students to get started quickly!

Education For You

We have released a new platform where teachers can go for ready-made technical education lessons. On the Education For You platform, teachers have unlimited access to lessons, a knowledge base and webinars. 
The platform is currently for teachers in secondary education. The lessons are mainly about Arduino, Raspberry Pi en Micro:bit. This will be further expanded in the future.
Curious about the platform? then click HERE!

Education For You

Schedule a no-obligation consultation now!

Would you like to discuss your ideas with one of our experts? Request a free and no-obligation consultation now! Consultations can take place in the following ways:

  • At our location (Leusden)
  • At the location of the educational institution
  • by phone
  • Via Teams / Skype
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User Case Tech College Nieuwegein

In 2018 Tech College ROC Midden Nederland started teaching using Arduino. We were allowed to help the Tech College with the implementation of Arduino from the start. The lessons were developed by the teachers, and we supplied the hardware. Together we chose to start with 2 different types of Arduino starter kits and with a Arduino Uno rev3. The Arduino lessons were very good. That is why we jointly developed a student kit in 2019. This kit was put on the book list so that the students could also use it at home. They are also not dependent on the availability of components at school. The Tech College has been trying this kit for a year. After this, we met again to improve the student kit. In 2020 we discovered another benefit of putting the kit on the book list. Namely remote lessons. Due to the Covid pandemic, distance education has also become the norm at Tech College. Because the students themselves have the materials, they can create projects without any problems.

Electronics For You Tech Campus kit

Start a project?

As an educational institution, there are many possibilities within technical education. That is why we always start with a face to face meeting before a project. During this meeting we look at the wishes of the school and talk about the possibilities. If the school decides that we are a suitable party for the assignment, the school can submit the project to us. This can be done directly or through a tender. Curious about the possibilities? Then contact us directly!

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