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Arduino Nano 33 BLE – With Headers

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When you buy an Arduino Nano 33 BLE you will receive a Fritzing Part of the Nano 33 IoT Free!
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Description Arduino Nano 33 BLE

The Nano 33 BLE (with headers) is Arduino’s 3.3V-compatible board in the smallest form factor available: 45x18mm!

The Arduino Nano 33 BLE is a completely new board with a well-known form factor. It comes with a built-in 9-axis inertia sensor that makes this board ideal for portable devices, as well as for a host of scientific experiments that require short-range wireless communication.

The Arduino Nano 33 BLE is an evolution of the traditional Arduino Nano, but with a much more powerful processor, the nRF52840 from Nordic Semiconductors, and a 32-bit ARM® Cortex ™ -M4 CPU with 64 MHz. This allows you to create larger programs than with the Arduino Uno The main processor includes other amazing features such as Bluetooth® link via NFC and very low power consumption.

The Nano 33 BLE comes with a 9-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU), which means it contains an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a magnetometer with a resolution of 3 axes each. This makes the Nano 33 BLE the perfect choice for more advanced robotics experiments, training followers, digital compasses, etc.

The communication chipset on the Nano 33 BLE can be both a BLE and Bluetooth® client and host device. Something quite unique in the world of microcontroller platforms. If you want to see how easy it is to create a Bluetooth® network or peripheral, check out the examples in our ArduinoBLE library.

If you’ve used Arduino Nano in your projects in the past, the Nano 33 BLE is a pin-equivalent alternative. Your code still works, but remember that it works at 3.3V. This means that you need to revise the original design in case it is not 3.3V compatible. In addition, the main differences with the classic Nano are: a better processor, a micro-USB connector and a 9-axis IMU.

Getting started

You can find in the Getting Started section all the information you need to configure your board, use the Arduino Software (IDE) and start tinkering with encryption and electronics.


MicrocontrollernRF52840 (datasheet)
Operating Voltage3.3V
Input Voltage (limit)21V
DC Current per I/O Pin15 mA
Clock Speed64MHz
CPU Flash Memory1MB (nRF52840)
SRAM256KB (nRF52840)
Digital Input / Output Pins14
PWM Pinsall digital pins
Analog Input Pins8 (ADC 12 bit 200 ksamples)
Analog Output PinsOnly through PWM (no DAC)
External Interruptsall digital pins
UsbNative in the nRF52840 Processor
IMULSM9DS1 (datasheet)
MicrophoneMP34DT05 (datasheet)
Gesture, light, proximityAPDS9960 –datasheet
Barometric pressureLPS22HB (datasheet)
Temperature, humidityHTS221 (datasheet)
Length45 mm
Width18 mm
Weight5 gr (with headers)


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