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Robot Platforms

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Choose your platform

You’ve decided you want to build a robot, now the first step is choosing a platform.
There are several possibilities:

  • 2WD (a robot with 2 engines)
  • 4WD (a robot with 4 motors)
  • Track

In addition to the differences in motors, the platforms are also made of different materials.
The cheaper models are made of acrylic, while the more expensive models are made of a very strong aluminum alloy.
A beginner can build a very nice robot with a simple acrylic platform. If you’re a little more advanced, an aluminum alloy platform is a better choice. You can expand these much more.

Choose your controller

The next step is to choose your controller.
This choice depends very much on the purpose of your robot.
If you just want to build a simple autonomous robot, our preference is definitely an Arduino Robot. An Arduino features PWM pins that are very useful for controlling motors.

If you want to build a robot that uses image processing, for example, a Raspberry Pi Robot is a better choice. The Raspberry Pi boards do not have PWM pins takes this into account in your choice.

If you want to build a very extensive robot, you can also choose to use both an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi board. However, this is absolutely not for a beginner.

Choose your components

You now have almost everything you need to make a cool robot.
Now you have to figure out the components.
To forward the signals of your controller to the motors, you can use an motor shield at Arduino.
If you’re using another controller you can use an motor driver.
To connect everything, you need Jumper wires and a Breadboard.
If you want your robot to drive autonomously, you need sensors.
Two cool sensors are the:

You want to let your robot drive in the dark? Then you can add lighting.

And build it!



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