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Keybow kit – 3 toetsen – lineair stil

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Beschrijving Keybow kit - 3 toetsen - lineair stil

De Keybow Mini is een mechanische mini toetsenbord met 3 toetsen. De Keybow Mini beschikt over RGB-verlichte, hot-swap, mechanische schakelaars en duidelijke toetsdoppen. Het is de perfecte manier om een kleine macro-pad aan je bureau toe te voegen.
De kit bevat alles wat je nodig hebt (voeg alleen nog een Raspberry Pi Zero en Micro SD toe) om je eigen mini-macropad te bouwen. Het bevat lineaire (zilver) kailh Speed-schakelaars, en duidelijke DSA-profiel keycaps. Deze zien er fantastisch uit wanneer verlicht met de RGB verlichting. Dankzij de hot-swap Kailh aansluiting is solderen niet nodig!

Kenmerken Keybow kit - 3 toetsen - lineair stil

  • RGB LEDs op elke toets (APA102)
  • Kailh hot-swap switch sockets (voor Cherry MX-compatibele switches)
  • 40-pins female header
  • I2C en SPI breakout-header voor add-ons
  • Aangepast Keybow-besturingssysteem
  • Compatibel met Raspberry Pi 3B+, 3, 2, B+, A+, Zero en Zero W
  • Afmeting gemonteerd: 68.5x31.75x39mm
  • Pinout

Inhoud Keybow kit

  • Keybow MINI PCB
  • Schakelaar plaat
  • Drie Kailh Speed-schakelaars (Goud of Zilver)
  • Drie doorzichtige DSA-profiel toets doppen
  • Acryl grondplaat
  • Bevestigingen en voeten
  • Micro-USB-kabel (50 cm)
  • Wordt geleverd in een herbruikbare minikitdoos


The Keybow MINI PCB has a 40-pin female header, like a regular pHAT, that plugs onto the 40-pin male header on the Raspberry Pi Zero W. The Pi is attached to the acrylic baseplate, and the whole thing is rigidly held together by metal standoffs. Rubber feet on the baseplate stop Keybow MINI from slipping around on your desk. Check out our tutorial for all the details on how to build your Keybow MINI.

Mechanical switches

Keybow MINI comes with your choice of Kailh Speed Gold (clicky) or Silver (linear, non-clicky) switches. Both switches are light and smooth, and the gold switches have a satisfying click when pressed. We've chosen clear DSA key caps for Keybow MINI, as they show off the per-key RGB LEDs really well. The slightly frosted finish on the clear key caps diffuses the light beautifully. Being DSA, the caps have a flat profile that suits the small size of Keybow MINI. The switches slot into the PCB switch plate to hold them securely, and then push into the Kailh hot-swap sockets on the Keybow MINI PCB. This means that there's no soldering required, and you can easily change out the switches in the future, if you wish. Note that if you want to use different switches with Keybow MINI, then you'll need to ensure that they have a recess on the underside for surface-mount LEDs.


We've used the same tiny APA102 RGB LEDs that we use on our Picade Plasma PCBs, and there's one under each of the three keys. The LEDs sit in the cavity on the underside of the switch and shine up through, into the key cap. There's a nifty way to light and animate the LEDs on Keybow MINI. You can create a PNG file with a coloured gradient or pattern, and it will be animated across the LEDs from the top of the image to the bottom. The width of the PNG determines how it's displayed. You can manually set the LEDs on one or more keys, overriding the animation, or have them only light up when pressed. There's a bunch of example animations to use, or you can create your own in your favourite graphics program.

Key mappings and layouts

The power of Keybow MINI is in how customisable it is. You can map each of the three keys to whichever keyboard keys you want, or even have them trigger a whole series of keypresses or strings of text to be entered. Our Keybow software uses the on-the-go micro-USB port on the Raspberry Pi Zero W and USB HID gadget mode, so that it appears as a regular USB keyboard device when plugged into a computer. The custom, stripped-down OS runs on a RAM-disk, meaning that it boots and runs quickly, it's robust against being unplugged, and there's no risk of SD card corruption. To customise your Keybow MINI layout and lighting, just pop the micro-SD card out and edit the keys.lua file on your computer. Note that you'll need to add keybow.use_mini() to the setup function in your key layout file to remap the keys to Keybow MINI's smaller layout, and use handle_minikey_xx for the name of each mapped key's function. You can read how to set up the Keybow OS and how to create your own macros and key layouts here on our learning portal.


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