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Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is an educational charity from the UK. The foundation’s goal is to improve the education around computers, informatics and related topics for both young and old. Raspberry Pi develops single-board computers that are accessible to a large target group thanks to their low price. The latest board, the Raspberry Pi 4B is almost as powerful as a cheap computer.

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Raspberry Pi Boards

The Raspberry Pi is similar to a cheap computer.
However, it has the size of a credit card. This allows you to store the board in any space. From the meter box to behind a TV screen.
To use the Raspberry Pi, you need to insert an SD card with software into the board.
The board can be connected to a display and equipped with a keyboard and mouse.
This is recommended given the programming work to be done on the Raspberry Pi itself.
The latest and most powerful board is the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B.

Advantages of a starter kit

Raspberry Pi Starter Kits are packed with information and hardware.
There are many similar kits, but they all differ a bit from each other.
It is therefore important that you choose a kit that belongs to your way of learning!
The learning progress is strongly determined by the projects and hardware you use during the various projects.

Once you’re going to buy a kit, you’ll first need to consider which hardware you expect to need.


HAT is an abbreviation for: Hardware Attached on Top.
A HAT is an add-on board for the models since the B+.
A HAT complies with a specific set of rules that make users’ lives easier.
The system is an important feature of a HAT.
Allows the board to identify a connected HAT and automatically configure the GIoCs and drivers for the board.
This makes life much easier for the end user!


Raspbian is the foundation’s official supported operating system.
It is free to download on raspberry pi’s website.

Raspbian is preinstalled with many software for education, programming and general use.
It has Python, Scratch, Sonic Pi, Java and more.


Beginners can best start with NOOBS. – New Out Of the Box Software.
Also the NOOBS software can be downloaded free of charge on the Raspberry Pi website.

You can also choose to buy a pre-installed NOOBS SD card.
NOOBS is a simple installer of the operating system that contains Raspbian and LibreELEC.
It also offers a selection of alternative operating systems.
They are then downloaded and installed from the Internet.

Third-party operating systems

There are countless operating systems created by third parties.

These are systems such as:

  • Windows 10 IoT Core
  • Ubuntu
  • Osmc (disambiguation)
  • LibreELEC
  • Pinet
  • RetroPie (disambiguation)
  • And more


The Raspberry Pi is a mini computer.
It is therefore very important to protect it properly.
You can easily do this by placing it in a case.
Check out all our Raspberry Pi enclosures and choose the one that best suits your project!


Create a stand-alone unit of your Raspberry Pi and add a display.
If you’re using a 7 inch touchscreen and case display, you’ve actually made some kind of tablet.
Displays are in different shapes and sizes. There is always one that suits your project!


The Raspberry Pi does not include accessories unless you take a starter kit.
This is important to take into account. After all, it’s very annoying when you get your package in and you can’t get started right away. That’s why you’ll find a list of the most important accessories below.

Power supply

The boards up to the 3B+ have a Micro USB connection.
The new 4B has a USB C connection.
Please note that the power supply is 5V – 3A. If you use a less powerful power supply, your board won’t boot or work badly.

SD card

The Pi operating system must be on an SD card.
On an 8GB class 10 SD card you basically have enough. If you want to use your Pi a little more, we recommend choosing a 16GB or more.

(Micro) HDMI Cable

The Raspberry Pi 4B has 2 Micro HDMI connections.
These both support 4K ultra HD.
A standard HDMI cable that you could still use with the 3B+ can only be used with a Micro HDMI adapter.
It is therefore recommended to purchase a Micro HDMI to HDMI cable.


The 4B is much more powerful than the previous models.
Even with little use, we certainly recommend sticking a set of heatsinks on the board. If possible, an enclosure with an extra fan is also definitely conducive.
The fan heatsink case is the best option to cool your board.

Keyboard & Mouse

As with any computer, you also need a keyboard and mouse with a Raspberry Pi.
If you are using a touch screen display, you can also install a virtual keyboard. Until you install the virtual keyboard, you still need a real keyboard.

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