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Arduino Kits

Don’t you have the right necessities to make fun Arduino projects yet? Then a starter kit is something for you! There are several kits available. Check out the different options and choose the kit that suits you.

Why an Arduino Starter Kit?

Arduino Starter Kits are packed with information and hardware.
However, each kit differs someway from the other.
It is therefore important that you choose a kit that belongs to your way of learning!
The learning progress is strongly determined by the projects and hardware you use during the various projects.

The first thing to consider is the hardware in the starter kit. You start by choosing an Arduino board. We recommend starting with an Arduino Uno R3. This is the most widely used board and is ideal for both beginners and advanced users.
The official Arduino Starter Kit comes standard with an Arduino Uno. With most other kits, this is optional, this is for the people who already have an Arduino Uno or for if you prefer to use another board.

Because with the Arduino board itself you can’t do that much you need some additional components.
There must be many passive and active components to carry out as many projects as possible.
This way you can learn more from the kit.

As a newcomer, you probably don’t quite know how to make hardware connections and program the Arduino board. That’s why you need a leading hand in the form of online example projects or a manual book. These help you to get started step by step with your Arduino.

Now you know what you need in an Arduino starter kit. Below are 3 Starter kits that we definitely recommend:

  • The Official Arduino
    Starter Kit
    This kit contains a paper book with 176 pages.
    This is our must if you prefer to learn from a book.
  • The Project Kit for
    We have compiled this kit ourselves and contains all the important components and the most fun sensors.
    Our website has several example projects that you can create with this kit.
    This is our must if you mainly want components and sensors, and you don’t mind following online instructions.
  • The Basic kit for Arduino
    This kit contains only the basic components such as Jumper Wires, Lights, Buttons and a breadboard.
    This is our must if you are not sure if Arduino is suitable for you.
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