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Raspberry Pi 4B Kodi kit manual 


The Heatsink Case consists of one bottom and one top. Two fans are mounted on the top.


Raspberry Pi 4B, Micro-HDMI cable, USB-C power supply, Micro-SD card, Housing

Step 1:

Inside the bottom of the case are four red pins, press the Raspberry Pi on this so that it is properly down.

Step 2:

Place the top of the case and slide the Micro-SD card in the SD slot with the metal strips facing the PCB.

Step 3:

Then place the Micro-HDMI cable in the left port.

Step 4:

Connect your keyboard and mouse to one of the USB ports.

Step 5:

Finally, connect the power to the USB-C port to the left of the Micro-HDMI port.
Your Raspberry Pi will now boot!

Do you have the kit with Heatsink Case? 

Then watch the video below!


Your setup is now ready to start. 
When the Raspberry Pi starts up now, you will see the Kodi interface on your monitor. You have to set this up for the first time, but that will be explained step by step. 
You can now add and play your own media!

Heat sinks


Depending on the set of heatsinks in the kit, you can attach them as follows.

4 pieces:

You stick the large heatsink on the processor, the elongated one on the memory. and the two small ones on the right

3 pieces:

You stick the large heatsink on the processor, the elongated one on the memory. and small on the USB chip


Stick the copper heatsinks on the processor and memory.

Play files

Playing a file is very simple. You place the desired file on a USB stick. Then connect the USB Stick to the Raspberry Pi. Do you want to play a video? Then go to the heading ”Movies”. Select your USB stick and the movie you want to play. Your video will now start playing!


Raspberry Pi Kodi
Raspberry Pi Kodi Movie
Raspberry Pi Kodi movie
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