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Raspberry Pi Boards

De Raspberry Pi Boards his little Single Board Computers (SBC). This means that all the necessary components are in one place board to sit. So you don't need a separate graphics card, sound card or other computer supplies. The Raspberry Pi 5 is a full computer the size of a debit card.

We recommend choosing a keyboard and mouse with one common USB connection. This means you do not take up unnecessary USB ports on your Pi.

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  • Raspberry Pi 5

    Raspberry Pi 5 4GB RAM

    65,95 /54,50 excl. VAT
  • Sale! Raspberry Pi 5

    Raspberry Pi 5 8GB RAM

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Raspberry Pi Boards

Raspberry Pi Boards allow you to create amazing projects. Thanks to the price range and unlimited possibilities, the boards suitable for everyone. Small children can learn programming and play games with it. As a hobbyist you can use it to create interactive projects or automate the house. The Raspberry Pi Boards are also extremely suitable for business customers. Use it in the office to track and display targets. Or use it in it during the development of new products or machines.

Popular Raspberry Pi boards

The most used Raspberry Pi Boards are the 4 model B boards. These are small all in one computers. They are the size of a debit card, but in fact do the same as a desktop computer. When you Raspberry Pi OS as the operating system, you have a desktop interface. You can surf the internet, watch videos, edit texts and much more. Do you use an operating system such as Home Assistant? Then you can control all home automation in your house.

ESD friendly packed

All Raspberry Pi mini computer boards are delivered in ESD friendly packaging. The Zero 2 W comes in a standard anti-static electricity pouch. The 4B boards come in a cardboard box. This cardboard box contains a special coating that makes the Pi boards can be sent securely. The advantage of this packaging is that it is cheaper and much better for the environment.

Do you have questions about the different Rasberry Pi boards? Feel free to email us at: Or call +033 - 200 3116. We are happy to help you choose your Raspberry Pi configuration.

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