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Bee-Bot offers a wide range of educational tools that give children the opportunity to learn through robotics in a fun and interactive way. Featuring various robot models, including the Bee-Bot, Blue-Bot, OTI-Bot and the Rugged Outdoor Robot. Each robot has unique functions and qualities. This makes it possible to choose a robot that meets specific educational needs.

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  • Image of a Bee-Bot


    89,95 /74,34 excl. VAT
  • Top view of the Bee-Bot Farm Mat

    Bee-Bot Farm Mat

    37,95 /31,36 excl. VAT
  • Image of Bee-Bot Euromat

    Bee-Bot Euro Matt

    43,95 /36,32 excl. VAT
  • Picture of a Bee-Bot class bundle

    Bee-Bot Class Bundle

    549,95 /454,50 excl. VAT
  • Picture of 1 Bee-Bot pen holder with a pen

    Bee-Bot Pen Holder Set – 6 Pieces

    27,95 /23,10 excl. VAT
  • Image of the front of a Bee-Bot Rugged Outdoor Robot

    Bee-Bot Rugged Robot Outside

    214,95 /177,64 excl. VAT
  • Image of 6 Bee-Bots in a slider

    Bee-Bot Slider Set - 6 Pieces

    27,95 /23,10 excl. VAT
  • Image of the front of the Bee-Bots preaching wall

    Bee-Bot Talking Wall

    52,95 /43,76 excl. VAT
  • Image of story mat for the Bee-Bot

    Bee-Bot Story Mat

    81,95 /67,73 excl. VAT
  • Sale! Image of the front of a Blue-Bot

    Blue Bot

    124,95 /103,26 excl. VAT
  • Overview of Blue-Bot class bundle

    Blue-Bot Class Bundle

    739,95 /611,53 excl. VAT
  • image of 13 Blue-Bot TacTile Readers

    Blue-Bot TacTile Reader

    153,95 /127,23 excl. VAT

Programming with Bee-Bot
Bee-Bot's robots can be easily programmed remotely. For example, using an app and Bluetooth technology. In addition, they have the option to program directly on the robot itself by pressing buttons on the back of the Bee-Bot. By pressing the "GO" button, the robot then executes the programmed commands. This enables children to learn about programming and logical thinking in an intuitive and way.

Learning with Bee-Bot

The Bee-Bot products are specifically designed to meet the learning goals of primary education. Through these robots, children are encouraged to express their creativity. In addition, they develop problem-solving skills and learn to collaborate with classmates. The interactive robots make learning extra fun. The educational robots can also help with other topics besides programming. Children can also use the robots to improve their language skills, explore math concepts, learn more about emotions and social skills. Bee-Bot even covers topics like money. The versatility of the Bee-Bot products makes them suitable for use in different environments. Whether at school, in after-school activities or even at home, the Bee-Bot robots provide a valuable learning experience for children.

Bee Bot Accessories

Bee-Bot also offers useful accessories for the robots. Such as mats, pen holders, sliders and dice. These accessories are specially designed to further expand the possibilities of the Bee-Bot robots. They enable teachers and parents to create tailor-made lessons to suit the needs and interests of the children.

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