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3D Printers

Nowadays you no longer have to be a large professional company to be able to get involved with 3D printers. There are already nice machines from € 450 if you want to get into 3D printing, that is a nice start. Every 3D printer is slightly different from the other. So it can be difficult to make a good choice. Our employees are ready to advise you properly, so that you can make a choice that you can enjoy in the long term.

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Why buy a 3D Printer?

What should you pay attention to when buying a 3D Printer?

3D printing is a collective name for various techniques. Each technique has its advantages and disadvantages. So it is wise to advance think about what you want to use a 3D printer for. Do you want to 3D print professionally? Then it might be wise to use a different machine for different purposes. With filament printers kun you can quickly create large objects. Also kun you 2 different colors / props print at the same time if you have a dual head have. With resin printers kun you better again little very detailed create objects.


De Sindoh 3D printers are our choice for education! Sindoh machines very easy in use. 3D Prints can be used by students Tinkercad sent directly to the printer. The machines are completely enclosed and have one Hepa filter. This ensures that no fine plastic particles get into the air. Thanks to the cartridge system kun you can easily load and unload filament. It is also possible to use filament from other suppliers. The print bed is flexible and removable, which prevents a lot of irritation. Sindoh has both single-head and dual-head filament 3D printers.


Flashforge has brought various filament 3D printers to the market. From hobby machines to 3D printers for the starting professional. The Flashforge 3D printers are available in single-head & dual-head versions. With the Guides 3 kun you can even print 2 objects next to each other at the same time. The Creator Pro is a good choice if you want to buy an open-source 3D Printer. Here will you enjoy it in the long term. This is, since your other slicers as Simplify3D can use. because of this kun you can adjust the printer to your liking.

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