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What is a Breadboard?

A breadboard is a common tool for circuit design and testing.
You don't need to solder wires and components to make a circuit while using a breadboard.
It is easier to assemble and reuse components.
Since components are not soldered, you can change your circuit design at any time without any hassle.
It consists of a series of conductive metal clips in a white ABS plastic shell, each clip insulated with another clip. There are a number of holes in the plastic shell that are arranged in some way.
A typical Breadboard layout consists of two types of regions, also called strips. Bus strips and socket strips. Bus strips are usually used to power the circuit.
It consists of two columns, one for supply voltage and one for ground.

Socket strips are used to keep the components in a circuit. It generally consists of two sections, each with 5 rows and 64 columns. Each column is electrically connected from the inside.

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