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Arduino FAQ

Arduino FAQ

Arduino is a fantastic platform with a lot of possibilities. Because there are so many options, you are probably not yet familiar with everything. We often receive questions from our customers. That is why we have compiled some frequently asked questions into one FAQ. We will continue to update this FAQ as more and more options are added. Do you miss a question that you think is relevant to others? Let us know!

Which Arduino is best to buy?

That definitely depends on what you want to do with the Arduino. If you are a beginner, then the Arduino Uno a good choice. If you want to make an extensive project, you might want to opt for an Arduino Mega. If you have a small project, then one of the Arduino Nanos is probably better suited. Are you going to use Arduino professionally, take a look at the MKR boards or the Portenta H7.

What is Arduino?

Arduino is an Italian company that produces Open-source single-board developing computers. These computers are based on a simple microcontroller board and a user-friendly programming environment. Each board has a number of inputs and outputs. The inputs can be used to read out various sensors. The outputs can be used to control lights, small motors, relays and other actuators.

Are Arduino clones just as good?

We don't think so. Arduino clones are often produced in a cheaper way. The quality and longevity of a clone can therefore be low. There are of course also good clones available. These are usually not much cheaper than an original Arduino. By an official Arduino board you also help with new developments of Arduino.

Can Arduino run python?

Yes it is possible to program the Arduino with Python. However, this is not the standard programming language. The Arduino is programmed in a C ++ dialect by default.
The Arduino Portenta H7 works with Python.

How does an Arduino work?

In short, an Arduino works like this: The Arduino board have several entrances and exits. You can connect components, sensors & actuators to these inputs and outputs. By means of a code you let the Arduino know what to do with the data from a sensor. For example, you can display the value of a distance sensor on a display.
A sensor is not necessarily required. You can also give the Arduino a fixed program what to execute. For example, flashing an LED light.

Are Arduino and Raspberry Pi compatible?

Arduino and Raspberry Pi They are similar but can do completely different things. An Arduino is the best choice for making a robot. A Raspberry Pi is the best choice for making a camera. If you now want to build a robot with a camera, you can use the Arduino and Raspberry Pi make it work together. This is only suitable for an advanced user of both platforms.

Which Arduino starter kit is best?

This differs per person. Depending on what you want to do with your Arduino, you can choose a starter kit.
One starter kit contains a number of components to get you started. The other contains quite components, sensors and motors with which you can make many electronics projects. Think carefully about what you want to achieve with the starter kit and choose the best kit that way!

Your Arduino question not answered?

Have you not encountered your Arduino question? Do not worry on our website there are various information pages. This takes a closer look at certain topics. Take a look at these pages and you will probably get the answer to your question. If you really can't figure it out, please contact us. We will then see if we can help you further.



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