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Capacitors & Transistors

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Why Buy Capacitors & Transistors?


Capacitors are often used to build various electronic circuits. A capacitor is a passive electrical component. It has two connections. A capacitor can store electrostatic energy in an electric field. This sounds quite complicated, but you can best compare it with a small battery. However, capacitors can be charged and discharged in a fraction of a second. Capacitors come in all shapes and sizes. The capacitance of a capacitor is measured in farad. The voltage of the capacitor is in volts.


Transistors are semiconductor components with usually three terminals. In electronic circuits they are often used as amplifying or switching element. A transistor can be compared to a relay. They can switch something on or off. However, there are no moving parts in a transistor. As said before, a transistor usually has three connections. These connections are: The emitter, the collector and the base.


A diode is a component with two terminals. A diode ensures that the electric current can only flow in one direction. So it is actually the electrical version of a non-return valve. The conductive direction is called the forward direction. The other direction is called the reverse direction. Diodes can also be used to convert alternating current to direct current. So from AC to DC

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