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Raspberry Pi FAQ

Raspberry Pi FAQ

Raspberry Pi is a fantastic platform with a lot of possibilities. Because there are so many options, you are probably not yet familiar with everything. We regularly receive questions from our customers. For this reason, we have converted the most frequently asked questions into an FAQ. We will continue to update this FAQ as more and more options are added. Do you miss a question that you think is relevant to others? Let us know!
Which Raspberry Pi is best?

The Raspberry Pi 4 model B 4GB RAM is currently the most popular Raspberry Pi board.
That is not surprising since this board is 3X faster than its predecessor. This version also has 4X as much RAM as the Raspberry Pi 3B +

Meanwhile, an 8GB RAM version of the Raspberry Pi 4 model B has even been released. This is extremely much, which is very pleasant for some applications, but it is probably enough for 4GB RAM.

What is a Raspberry Pi?
You can compare a Raspberry Pi with a cheap computer. But in the format of a credit card. The official operating system is Raspbian. This is a desktop based on Linux. Several operating systems are available from various parties. (Most are free to download)
How can you connect the Raspberry Pi?

The Raspberry Pi has built-in wireless WiFi & Bluetooth. You can also use the network port for a closed network.

What kind of food do you need?

The Raspberry Pi 4 works with a USB-C power supply of 3A 5V.
For the Raspberry Pi 3B + you need a Micro-USB power supply of 2,5A 5V

Which SD Card is suitable?
In principle you can use all Micro-SD cards from 8GB. We do recommend that you use a larger Micro-SD card. For example one of 16GB or higher.
Can you use Windows on a Raspberry Pi?
It is possible to use Windows 10 IoT core as the operating system. This is a very light and limited version of Windows 10. You can download the software here:
Is a Raspberry Pi safe?

If you are going to use the Raspberry Pi on your home network, it is already very safe out of the box.
However, it is possible to make the Pi even safer. Here's everything you need to know:

Which Raspberry Pi starter kit is best?

This differs per person. Depending on what you want to do with your Raspberry Pi, you can choose a starter kit.
One starter kit contains components to build a desktop PC, the other contains components to create various electronics projects. Think carefully about what you want to achieve with the starter kit and choose the best kit that way!

Your Raspberry Pi question not answered?

Have you not encountered your Raspberry Pi question? Do not worry on our website there are various information pages. This takes a closer look at certain topics. Take a look at these pages and you will probably get the answer to your question. If you really can't figure it out, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will then see if we can help you further.

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